Preventive Pediatrics
Preventive pediatrics has been defined as the prevention of diseases and the promotion of physical, mental, and social well-being for children to reach optimal growth and development. Dr. Ayesha places great importance on being knowledgeable of the most current and emerging issues impacting children’s health to effectively coordinate preventive services in her medical practices. These emerging needs may include a higher prevalence of childhood obesity, malnutrition, infections, diarrhoeal diseases, etc.
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Vaccinations & Immunization
Vaccinations & Immunization
Careful administration of vaccination shots is done and track of scheduled vaccinations is kept from birth till 5 years of age. The parents are also thoroughly guided about the vaccinations being administered to the child.
General Pediatrics
Professional and efficient assessment of the health of children and providing the medical care they need to recover from illness is done. The most common reasons for which we see our patients are respiratory and other infections, seizures, wheezing, and children with common medical problems such as allergies, poor growth, headaches, and stomach pains are carefully catered and treated.
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